An Interview with… Pashion


We interviewed one of the startups that we are working with from our lifestyle sector to gain further insight into how experiencing a problem in the fashion industry transformed into launching a disruptive business.


PASHION – Flavia founded PASHION aiming to transform the way the fashion industry manages product samples using an image-based SaaS platform, with an easy-to-use product sample request and coordination interface. PASHION enables brands, PR agencies and magazines to work visually, communicate faster and share effectively.



Why did you start PASHION?

For my first work experience, aged 16, I spent a summer working for Roger Vivier; a high-end shoe brand in Paris. This internship was a complete nightmare as my days were filled with phone calls, emails and Excel spreadsheets in order to manage the sample movements and ensure that we pushed our products to market on time.

Running to the Park de Tuileries to bring a limited edition pair of shoes for Renée Zellweger to model on the front cover of Vogue US (no courier on hand) quite clearly highlighted a problem. The inefficiency and the poor communication between the parties involved was a huge pain point. I knew there had to be a better way.


How did you envisage solving this problem?

As I continued my studies and career, I was always working closely with high fashion brands and press houses and was aware that this communication problem had not been resolved. Having lived through the technology boom over the past 10 years, I decided to use technology as a means to find a solution and bridge the gap of communication in the industry.

This solution had to have a strong design element, especially being the fashion industry, we would need to focus on the aesthetic of this product. When I achieved my bachelors degree in Design and Management at the Parsons School of Design, I unconsciously and progressively began developing this design solution. I then spent most of my career working for Tyler Brule at Winkreative and developed an acute sensitivity to design. After working in Operations at a tech startup, it all came together and made sense. This training in design and exposure to technology enabled me to feel comfortable that I was ready to launch PASHION.


What is your long-term vision?

We want PASHION to be the data powerhouse for the fashion industry. We want to launch by solving a very specific problem, with the goal of empowering users and solving more of the challenges that the fashion industry faces going forward.

Ultimately, we want PASHION to be the Bloomberg for the fashion industry.


Why did you choose Toucan and what do you expect to get out of this relationship?

After being approached by and interviewing many accelerators and incubators in London, Toucan really stood out as different. They bring a unique sense of passion and security to PASHION. Their main concern and focus is to take part in the journey with us and help us achieve our short-term and long-term goals.

What I expect out of this relationship is to work with a team that understands and supports my vision. I trust that their extensive investor network will help us meet our fundraising goals. I believe that their experienced team of mentors, advisors and customers will support us with great advice and guidance, giving us credibility and exposure in the industry.

Gaining feedback, bouncing ideas off one another and strong professionals is key to success. It is widely known that no entrepreneur can do it all alone and being surrounded by the right people at the right time is essential and I believe Toucan brings that.



For further information about PASHION, or if you are interested in pitching your business to Toucan, please contact us at