IP in the UK after the Brexit Referendum

December 26, 2016 by Keltie LLP

On 23 June 2016 the UK public voted in favour of the UK leaving the EU (commonly referred to as ‘Brexit’).

If and when the UK formally starts the exit procedure, there will be at least a two-year negotiation period before the exit itself occurs. So, any changes won’t be implemented for some time yet.

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Commercialisation of Sport and Entrepreneurialism – An Interesting Dichotomy

by Alice Gallop

Toucan founder, Rasha Khawaja asks, “Why is it not possible to reconcile commercial gains ‎and a social conscious? Today it is imperative for all companies to consider the social impact that they can create through the work they choose to do.”  

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The Brexit catastrophe? Maybe not so much.

by Alice Gallop

Supporter of the Creative Industry and Founder of Toucan, Rasha Khawaja, believes that, “There is no better time for British start-ups to rise to the challenge ahead and do what they do best – innovate.”

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How to Start a Business in 15 steps’ from a close friend of Toucan

by Will Broome

As I’m about to launch something new and deliciously ambitious, I thought I’d share my thoughts on setting up a business…

OK, first off, the greatest, most magical, innovative, inventive, ground-breaking and revolutionary idea in the history of the world is still just an idea. It’s only the first 1% of what you need to start a successful business. Daunted? You’d better be! But, here’s the thing; do it anyway.

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December 22, 2016 by ALICE GALLOP

A new generation of food and drink entrepreneurs are powering a ‘foodie revolution’ in London, driven by strong demand for high quality, niche food & beverage options and quenched by the growing trend for food stalls, popups and supper clubs.   Across London, there are now estimated to be over 50,000 restaurants and catering companies, and five new restaurants opening […]

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