Will you sign an NDA? How can I be sure that Toucan will not steal my business idea?

We will not sign an NDA. No business advisors would at this stage. We are here to support you as an entrepreneur and this includes protecting your business idea.

Is Toucan looking for Gurus, Mentors or Partners?

We are always very happy to hear from potential Gurus, Mentors and Partners. Please contact us here.

Does Toucan or Toucan’s Mentors help me find funding?

Yes, Toucan can direct you to relevant funding sources within the Toucan ecosystem.

What if my Mentor meeting was not helpful?

If the respective Mentor was unable to commit to further support, Toucan would arrange for a meeting with another suitable Mentor. The original Mentor may also recommend to Toucan another individual of equal standing, within their respective industry, to take over.

What happens in my Mentor’s meeting?

Your Mentor will review all your documentation and provide you with constructive feedback and guidance. Mentors are not expected to fund your project, however, if they choose to do so, adequate and fair measures will be put in place by our legal team. Toucan aims to protect you and your business, whilst incentivising your Mentor to spend time mentoring you and eventually help you secure financial backing.

What do I get from Toucan?

Toucan In-House

We take you under our wing by offering you long-term business support and connecting you with our Toucan ecosystem.


We introduce you to a suitable Guru and Mentor who can provide you with expert advice and guidance.


We refer you to both professional and sector-specific services, based on your requirements.


We direct you to appropriate funding sources to give your business the opportunity to continue to grow.

Why was my pitch not successful?

If your pitch was not successful, please contact the Toucan team directly to request further information and we will get back to you with personal feedback as soon as possible.

Do I need to write a business plan?

A completed business plan is not compulsory to pitch to Toucan. However, you are more likely to be successful in the process if you can give us an idea of what the business is and where exactly you want it to go. If you have any complete or work in progress documents such as business plan, pitch deck, financials, investment memorandum, any press clippings, and suchlike, please attach them with your application form.

Can I pitch more than one business?

You can pitch more than one business, as long as you can successfully demonstrate your passion, knowledge and experience in each business that you pitch. We are very interested in working with serial entrepreneurs but, from experience, most successful applicants will pitch one business at a time.

What is the Toucan process?

Sign up to Toucan for free.

Pitch your creative business to the Toucan team.

You will receive initial feedback from the Toucan team, within a month of the application.

Your application is submitted to the Toucan Investment Committee for review.

If you pass the IC, you will be contacted by a member of Toucan’s management team for a meeting. If you do not pass the IC, you will receive bespoke feedback on areas that need further work.

Toucan connects you with a relevant Guru, who acts alongside the Toucan team to advise you and support you in getting investment ready.     

Toucan connects you with relevant Partners and Services.

Toucan connects you with a suitable Mentor.

Toucan directs you to suitable funding sources.


I have already received some investment, is it still relevant for me to join Toucan?

Yes. If you have secured your first round of investment, with the help of Toucan, we are here to support you with subsequent rounds. The same applies if you have secured investment, prior to joining Toucan.

I have already been working on my start-up for some time, is it still relevant for me to pitch to Toucan?

Toucan provides long-term support to creative businesses so, if you are looking for general support, or introductions to our Mentors, Partners or Investment partners, Toucan is here to help. Transparency is one of Toucan’s main philosophies, so we will be open and honest if we think that your business might not benefit from our services.  

Do I need to form a company to pitch to Toucan?

It is not strictly necessary for you to form a company before pitching to Toucan but you should be very aware of what the process entails, both logistically and financially. 

I don’t have a team, can I still pitch to Toucan?

Absolutely. It would, however, put you in a strong position if you had a growth strategy, detailing what expertise you need immediately and what expertise you would be looking for in the future.

Who can join Toucan?

Businesses that fit the below criteria:

Businesses that are based in London or the Home Counties

Businesses in the Food and Drink, Lifestyle, or Retail sectors

Strong, passionate and ambitious founder / management team

Businesses with a clear market opportunity

Businesses that are scalable to a commercial level

N.B. We have a strong preference for entrepreneurs who have background experience in their business concept.


Are all Toucan’s Mentors, Partners and Investment partners London-based? If so, do I have to travel to London for all meetings?

Currently, Toucan is a London-based business. We can set up some meetings via Skype. However, our entrepreneurs will have to come to London for the more important meetings. It would be beneficial to foster a personal working relationship, on a face-to-face basis.

Do I have to be a UK resident to join Toucan?

If you intend to pitch to the Toucan Team, you must be eligible to set up your business in the UK. If you are neither a UK nor EU resident, and are looking to set up a business in the UK, you must be eligible for an Entrepreneur Visa.


How can I join the Toucan Team?

You can send an email to careers@toucanventures.com to find out if we are currently hiring and access further details, regarding open positions and the application process.