Happy Business

by Brendan Barns

Are you happy? Does what you do with your life make you happy?


According to recent research an enormous 55% of London workers want to change careers due to unhappiness and discontentedness at work.


The work of US author, Shawn Achor reveals that happiness leads to success but success does not necessarily lead to happiness.  In order to make the best of your vision and entrepreneurial ideas you need to feel excited and happy about your purpose and the pursuit of your goals.


As a passionate entrepreneur for over 20 years here are a few tips to help you ensure that happiness is never far away (and where there is happiness there tends to be success!)


Keep a razor sharp focus on your vision and purpose. Make sure you put together a great team to help you, especially for all the super detailed stuff allowing you to concentrate on leading from the front.  Take inspiration from your heroes, your mentor, your surroundings and from anything that inspires you to collaborate and pursue new ideas and projects.


Be brave. You’ve already done the hard work and created your start-up. Of course, taking risks is scary, but doing the ‘impossible’ will reap the greatest rewards. Listen to your gut feeling because most of the time your gut is right.  Be ruthless with your decisions and maintain focus. Consult others but remember you’re in charge, you’re the captain of the ship.


Never beat yourself up about mistakes you make. You’re human! Learn from those mistakes so you don’t make them again and be happy with the fact you’re strong enough to pick yourself up and move on. This is especially true when it comes to feedback or complaints. Turn those negatives into a positive by learning how you can be better!  You can turn your biggest complainers into your biggest fans. Remember, you learnt to walk by falling over, so don’t let your business crawl for too long.


At the end of each day, say to yourself – ‘what am I grateful for?’  Try to write down 3 things for at least 2 weeks.  This will have a transformational effect on your life.  You’ll recondition your mind to see the world far more positively.  Your brain is far more powerful when you’re happy than when you’re stressed or negative.


Happiness is freely available and in abundant supply. You harvest it in how you think, what you say and in all the actions you take each and every day. I recommend you wallow in it and spread it thickly all over yourself and others.  If you’re not happy in what you do, take a deep breath, think, reboot and do something different.


Feel good, do good, be brilliant, be happy.


Brendan Barns, Founder, London Business Forum

Brendan Barns founded the London Business Forum in March 2002. The company has organised over 350 events with some of the world’s leading business thinkers. Brendan has interviewed such luminaries as Eric Schmidt of Google, Howard Schultz of Starbucks, Sir Terry, Leahy, former CEO of Tesco and Britain’s greatest Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy. He studied Government at the London School of Economics before working in Parliament for Tony Blair (before he was really famous).


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