Patsy Godik – Mentor Interview

by Ines Marques De Sa

Toucan is delighted to introduce one of our newest mentors, Patsy Godik, Managing Director of Conceptualise, an interior design and branding company, and Creative Director at Gaucho restaurant. Patsy is currently mentoring Grill My Cheese’s Nisha and Nishma, supporting them with the branding and creative direction of their new restaurant concept. Find out from Patsy, firsthand, why she was keen to be involved with Toucan and her thoughts on mentorship.

What are the main reasons why you wanted to become involved with Toucan?

When I first heard about Toucan and the mentor programme I loved the concept and knew instantly that I wanted to be involved.  I find it invigorating and exciting to work with up-and-coming new talent, and am delighted to have the opportunity to share my creative experience.

Which of our sectors (F&B, retail, lifestyle) do you think you can provide the most support?

My background in corporate interior design and branding and my experience as a Creative Director works across all sectors, however the majority of my work is in restaurant design.

Without revealing too much, what have you and GMC been working on?

Mostly on helping the brand gear up to its transition from street food to launching in its first permanent site, as the first of a strong and dynamic multi-site business; identifying and strengthening USPs; working on the look and feel of the stores and how that relates to the product, as well as the overall customer experience.

Why do you like being a mentor?

I’m absolutely passionate about what I do and it’s enormously rewarding to direct this passion towards these new and developing businesses. There is an energy and excitement that all of us working on the project share. Toucan has identified a good business, run by smart people with a great product, so all the building blocks are already in place, and it’s just a case of making it happen and making it happen in amazing style. And it’s fun!

Toucan has its own criteria when taking on an start-up. What qualities do you look for in a mentee?

Total commitment, self-belief and guts…


If you would like to learn more about Patsy or Grill My Cheese, feel free to email