Spotted In 2016 – Will You Be The Winner?

by Alice Gallop

We’ve made no secret how we feel about entrepreneurs. They are the vanguard of change; they challenge the status quo, ask tough questions and have the potential to overturn established industries overnight. Successful entrepreneurs, by definition, have figured out a way to do things better.

When entrepreneurs are able to innovative like this, they drive economic growth and create jobs at an even faster rate. An EY survey found that 59% of entrepreneurs around the world said they expected to increase their workforce in 2016, compared with only 28% of large businesses. In this new post-Brexit Britain, innovation and job creation is everything.

Moreover, who better to navigate this jungle of uncertainty than entrepreneurs? “Brexit means Brexit” is still as unclear and ambiguous as it first was, and while old firms struggle with unknowns, start-ups thrive on it. Disruptive entrepreneurs already working to reinvent their market by providing a solution that is better, faster and cheaper are already busy figuring out which innovations can now be more easily implemented in a post-EU world.

Toucan is devoted to cultivating this genuine entrepreneurial talent that can drive social and economic change. In recognition of the vital role that entrepreneurs play, Toucan is proud to announce the launch of Spotted In 2016. Spotted In aims to identify and celebrate the very best creative entrepreneurial talent in the food & beverage, lifestyle and retail sectors in Greater London. The lucky winner will receive invaluable support from Toucan and some vital exposure, which will be indispensible for the growth of their company.

At Toucan we know that entrepreneurialism and innovation does not have an age limit. Young people across the country are showing genuine entrepreneurial spirit and with the right support and advice, these start-ups can achieve great success. As seasoned entrepreneur Richard Branson says ‘some of the world’s greatest ideas and innovations have come from young people who tackle seemingly unsolvable problems with lively determination’. It is important now, more than ever, that these exceptionally talented individuals get the support and platform they require to launch their businesses.

Ultimately, the competition is not just about picking a winner. It is a chance to celebrate entrepreneurs, share disruptive ideas and plan for the future. If we want economic growth, innovation and job creation, that conversation starts with entrepreneurs – let’s not forget it.

Entrepreneurship is about taking risks, pushing boundaries, and not being afraid to fail – what are you waiting for? Head to to apply NOW!